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Each year Matt takes a limited number of horses in for training. We request that you commit to 90 days of training. This provides him with enough time to get a solid Matt and Luna Mustang Challenge Champion 2008foundation on your horse and hopefully haul it to some clinics or lessons. This gives you a solidly started horse for your money.

What to expect from your first 90 days: Your horse should walk, trot, lope comfortably. He should stop nicely, back and turn over the hocks. The horse should be comfortable being ridden both in and out of the arena, on a man made trail course and natural obstacles. He will have a rope swung off of him and also have dragged a log. Time is also devoted to developing excellent ground manners. As time allows colts will be used at various clinics and demonstrations. Your horse may also be introduced to working a mechanical or live cow.

Because of his colt starting program, Matt is receiving more requests to take prospects for versatility ranch horse, and cow horse events. We are currently accepting only a few outside horses per year due to Matt's busy schedule.

Training Costs:


Matt and Mateo at OFQHC Show 2006Cost includes riding your horse a minimum of 20 times per month, feed, grooming, blanketing, stall cleaned daily, horses kept on rubber mats with shavings, mineral supplements and an arsenal of sprays, lotions and liniments to keep your horse performance ready.

Additional costs may include cattle work, shoeing, additional supplements, worming and vet calls.

All horses are ridden by Matt personally. No flunkies are learning with your prized possession.


Matt offers suitability evaluations for potential buyers of horses. Theses evaluations include review of the horses training, trainability, conformation, asking price and any concerns that need to be discussed prior to purchasing a horse. Matt will travel with you to see and inspect the horse. After his observation of the horses usability, Matt will discuss the potential of the horse, its strengths and weaknesses, conformation, potential problems and recommended sales price on the horse.

Service fees:

Sale horse evaluation is on a floating fee schedule based on distance and time needed to evaluate the horse. Fees for a horse within one hour of our facility starts at $125.

Video evaluations are $75 for up to a 30 minute video. Matt will provide an email reply of his review.

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